Aug 30 Timmy Tyler received Clemency from President Obama

John Knock 11150-017

Eva Plama Atencio

Antonio O'Shea Douglas

Kenny Kubinski

Michael Holmes

Timmy Tyler

Josephine Ledezma

Ferrell Scott

David Barre

Wilfredo Barrios

Charceil Kellam

Paul Free

Douglas Dunkins

Eric Wilson

Ricky Minor

Michael Pelletier

Kenneth George Harvey

Clarence Robinson

Sherman Dionne Chester

Rickey Darden

Landon Thompson

Craig Cesal

Andy Cox

Hector Ruben McGurk

Donald Lee Graham

Steven Speal

Euka Wadlington

Douglas Ray Dunkins

Marcus Evans

Robert Jonas

Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda

David Lincoln Hyatt

Donnie Daniel

Marcus Evans

Ignatzio "Nate" Giuliano

Offenders with Life without Parole

William Underwood

Ricky Minor received Clemency

We will continue to add nonviolent drug offenders serving sentences of life without parole. 

These inmates have been charged with conspiracy and sentenced without a plea.


We need a pivot back to Commutations for those federal offenders who were charged with conspiracy and exercised their 6th amendment right to trial.

These offenders are given leadership status through the prosecutors choice of charging them with conspiracy.  Going to trial assures the maximum sentence. 

Many of these offenders with sentences of Life without Parole have been overlooked by Clemency Project 2014.

Ferrell  Scott was denied clemency

Nov. 29, 2016

Craig Cesal was denied Clemency

Nov.29, 2016




Andy Cox was denied Clemency

Wilfredo Barrios was denied clemency

Eva was denied clemency

This Page will Feature Offenders with Life without Parole  They may be Overlooked by Clemency -14 because they were Charged with Conspiracy and went to Trial

Kenny Kubinski was denied Clemency